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Who Are Our Clients

Families with Children

  • College Savings Plan
  • Retirement Savings Accumulation
  • Life Insurance Protection
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Baby Boomers

  • Is Money in the Right Place?
  • Do I Have Diversified Portfolio?
  • Retirement Readiness Roadmap
  • Building Nest Eggs & Wealth Management
  • Tax Saving Strategies & Income Tax Planning
  • Building Retirement Income to Last a Lifetime
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Age 50 plus and Beyond

  • Catch Up Retirement Savings
  • Long Term Care Insurance Planning
  • Inheritance, Estate, Trust, Gift & Taxation
  • Inherited IRA, IRA Rollovers & IRA Distributions
  • Asset Allocation & Portfolio Management
  • Social Security Optimization
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Golden Years Retirees

  • Estate Preservation
  • Income for Life Planning
  • IRA Required Minimum Distributions & Taxation 
  • Family Wealth Transfer
  • Legacy Planning
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Life in Transitions

  • Financial Issues on Divorce and Property Settlement
  • 401K plan Rollover on Changing Employment
  • Financial Issues on Death of Loved Ones/Spouse
  • Financial & Tax Implication on Legal Settlements or Sudden Wealth
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Public & Private Sector Employee

  • Public Pension Plans
  • Workplace Retirement Plans 
  • 401K Rollovers and Lump Sum Distributions
  • CalSTRS, CalPers, TSP, 457 & 403b Plan
  • IRA Rollovers
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Small Business Owners, Self-Employed and Professionals

  • Setting Up Small Business Owners Retirement Plans
  • Investment & Portfolio Review
  • Wealth Management
  • Family Wealth Transfers and Legacy Planning
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